• First Post

    Welcome to the emojidex press feed. We’d have called it a “blog”, but to be honest the word “blog” was never that appealing to us. This page will soon contain a variety of information about emoji, the emojidex platform, and things related to development and design related to emojidex. At the time of this writing we just grabbed a random theme and haven’t added much in terms of design or content, but expect some cosmetic updates in the near future.

    If you’re interested in emoji then you’re probably already reading the emojipedia blogs – and you should keep doing so. The only time we’ll be covering the same content is when we have a different opinion or have a specific comment on an issue that’s not covered by emojipedia.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for using emojidex.


    -Rei and the emojidex team


Project lead for emojidex. I like OSS, Ruby, C++, and cars.

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